San Juan La Laguna


In the past, there were many things that our ancestors told us, so these days Mr. Pablo Mendoza from San Juan la Laguna, 82 years old and this is what he told us.

Our ancestors had a lot of knowledge that is why once a priest and who knows that our people had a lot of wisdom and told them about the bell that was on the church that was not theirs where there was still another one that was the largest and better than that the bell was in place called The Cristalina told them to make an impediment to nature so they made a Mayan sacrifice in that place they were many times when they finished all the sacrifice they gathered everything, those of the people all left and when they arrived in the mountain began to look for the great bell when they looked in a ravine saw the bell that was on a stone then left in the ravine and knelt among the stone and asked again to be supreme (God).

They did so they raised the big bell they could take it out into the ravine they came carrying it and they got very tired when they reached the edge of the ravine entered the night then they thought they left it there on a stone thinking that no lazy man could carry it and that they would return tomorrow to bring.

So it was they left the bell and returned to their homes. The next day they went up again to the place Cristalina ones and when they arrived they no longer found the place where there was no longer the bell and then they became sad because it was very pretty and only moved. That's how our ancestors did it hurt a lot for not finding the big bell.

This way they started looking for the bell again when they saw it was hanging on the branch of a holm oak stick and a large snake that had it tied up then people began to take out the snake with sticks but the snake did not suddenly move at all it occurred to him that they hate becoming animals and so they began; some of them turned into spiders into bees, wasps, eagles and they bit the snake a lot but still the snake didn't let go of the bell.

The Great Bell of the Town of San Juan La Laguna
Photography: Frando Ujpán

So it was that they could not bring the bell because of that today there is a large stone on a cross as a sign of the bell. This is what our ancestors did, this is the good thing that has left us what sadness is that they could not bring it and if they had slept with the bell then it would be with us.

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