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The Ixoq Ajkeem Association was created in 1993, the name means a weaver woman, it was created with a group of women interested in acquiring a loan to capitalize the purchase of their materials in the elaboration of their weaving products and they were working with credit for three years.

In 1998, it was possible to contact the Mayas Treasures Foundation in Guatemala City to sell artisan products, which obtained better prices for handicrafts compared to the prices obtained with intermediaries.

In 2006, the Solar Foundation was asked to help legalize before the SAT, and support was received from the foundation through training and financially in our constitution. It was legalized as the Ixoq Ajkeem Association that was made up of 18 active women and managed to open their store to display the products they make, each woman works in their own homes in the production of their handicrafts which has a specific product code.

The main work is the elaboration of typical handmade garments such as natural dye products, which use raw materials from the place such as flowers, leaves, bark of a variety of trees, fruits, medicinal plants, recycled fabric and Chemical fabric.

Ixoq Ajkeem Association Weaving Women
Photography: Ixoq Ajkeem
  • Roberto Díaz Linares. Guatemala C.A. - Thesis, Headquarters of the Xuan Chiyá Marketing Platform, San Juan La Laguna.

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