San Juan La Laguna


In San Juan La Laguna the steam sauna still prevails, which is carried out inside a regularly mud house, as a ritual, hygienic and therapeutic resource.

What is the TEMASCAL bathroom?

It is a complete immersion of the body where the person can remain sitting or lying down in a certain space where steam is produced with hot stones, and that sometimes inside this bath the body can be washed with water from medicinal plants.

We leave you the list of the Mayan Saunas that are located in San Juan!

Sauna Casa Panoxti


The sauna offered by CASA PANOXTI', is designed for the enjoyment of relaxation, through the steam that emanates from the medicinal plants with which the bonfire is fed; Likewise, it fulfills functions of treatment of bone diseases and stress.

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Tzamjuyu Tuuj Temascal San Juan

Tza'mjuyu' Tuuj, Temascal San Juan

The temacal gives us a beautiful connection with the earth 🍃, water 💦, air 🌬 and fire 🔥, feeding our ancestral memory. Heal and enjoy your human development process.

We offer the traditional temacal service (steam) in a very pleasant environment, green area, hammocks to rest and cafeteria space. Come and learn about some culture related to the steam bath that has been used more than 5,000 years ago throughout Mesoamerica, with a special touch of aromatic plants and with the following benefits.

  • Cleanses the respiratory tract and digestive system.
  • Tones the nervous system and the skin.
  • Helps with bone, muscle and gynecological-obstetric problems.
  • Helps to relax deeply.
  • Combat insomnia and altered depressive and nervous states.

Look for us as Tza’mjuyu Tuuj temascal San Juan La Laguna.

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Naan Belina Sauna San Juan

Temascal Naan Belina

A pleasant place where you can enjoy and get out of that routine by taking a good steam bath accompanied by your friends and loved ones. We are located in the Canton Chik'uwa ', San Juan la Laguna

Temazcalteci Sauna San Juan


Relaxes the body and rejuvenates the spirit, which is then accompanied by a tasting of a cup of tea, as well as the tasting of crazy pineapples, breaded shrimp with nachos and prepared drinks. Come and enjoy a good steam bath!

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