San Juan La Laguna

Tourist Attractions in San Juan La Laguna

San Juan La Laguna is known for a quiet town, with a great handicraft wealth, with its weaving women, with people dedicated to art and for its incomparable landscapes.

Walk of the Arts

"Paseo de las Artes", a perfect complement to share and live with the family. It is located on the street of the pier of the municipality, where you can find and appreciate cultural art.

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Kaqasiiwaan Viewpoint

San Juan La Laguna also has viewpoints where you can see the volcanic cones that surround the beautiful Lake Atitlán and that form unique landscapes. To venture into the nature of San Juan, you can go up to the Xe' Kaqasiiwaan Viewpoint and from there you can get different photographic scenes of the landscapes, the walk to the place lasts approximately 25 minutes.

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Mayan Face - Rupalaj K'istalin

Known as Rostro Maya, which is a mountain that forms the face of a person on his back with his gaze towards the sky, it is the viewpoint of San Juan La Laguna that is located at the top of the place and where you can appreciate the majestic Lake Atitlán. How to get? To get to the viewpoint, you can start a walk of approximately two hours from the town of San Juan and on the way you will meet nature, as well as stories of the places.

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The Street of Hats

A place where art and culture abound, visit this beautiful attraction that is located in the heart of San Juan La Laguna

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Catholic Church

In the Heart of San Juan La Laguna there is also the Catholic Church that is distinguished by its old stone facade but with the growth of the population, the Church had to be rebuilt. The Church has different brotherhoods such as: San Juan Bautista, Virgen María, Sagrada Familia and among others, each of them fulfills different functions, such as: the Brotherhood of San Juan Bautista, is the one in charge of the activities of the celebration of the patronal day in honor of San Juan Bautista.

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Ecological Tours Pa Kamb’al I’X

Tourist center, enchanted place and nature reserve for humanity where positive energy is felt when being in contact with nature.


Pools and waterfalls, viewpoints with views of the lake and volcanoes, springs, areas for camping and yoga, caves of volcanic origin, temacal or Mayan sauna, environmental adventure, trails, birdwatching, Mayan altars and much more.

Place where nature lives, located 1.5 kms from San Juan La Laguna, Sololá.

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Mayan Bee World

Place where you will learn about the ancestral bees, Mayans without sting, where you will learn about beekeeping and how to taste the honey that these bees generate.

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Xunah Kaab'

Xunah Kaab ', which means Honey of the Flower in Protomaya is owned by Don Lucas Cholotío and his wife Silvia. Don Lucas is a third generation beekeeper, and he has been working with bees that have passed from generation to generation. These bees are a native population of the Sololá region but they are in danger of extinction. Xunah Kaab 'currently has ten boxes of two species of stingless bees but is in the process of growing and hopefully Xunah Kaab' will have much more species and boxes of bees in the future.

Learn more about stingless bees, discover the process and how honey is produced and at the end of the tour enjoy the honey.


Brown Liquor - Chocolate

We have the best cocoa beans to make an organic chocolate, to delight your palate, we have chocolate to eat and drink. Come and also enjoy our different Chocolate workshops.

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Casa de los Nawales

In Casa de los Nawales we intend to bring you closer to the ancient wisdom that we have inherited from generation to generation through words, words that are currently beginning to be reflected on paper, in designs, in works.

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A magical place, ancestrally known for its great positive energy, conducive to the perfect relaxation of your body, mind and soul; through the artisanal sauna, a massage through the jacuzzi, and its exquisite snacks and drinks typical of the place.
Enjoy a moment to share a jacuzzi session and share with family or friends, and receive its benefits at the health in a unique place designed for the enjoyment of life; through whirlpools and hot, warm or cold water.

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Q'omaneel Medicinal Plants

Tz’utujil women, with ancestral knowledge of medicinal plants. María, in charge of the tour, receives with a shy smile, as the tour progresses between the plants, María with great confidence in her most smiling being. Explain in detail what each plant cures, the benefit and the gift that nature gives us. It impresses the visitor with so much knowledge. The hostess invites you to sit, standing in front of everyone and the beautiful healing plants in the background; prepare a relaxing cocktail. Already at this stage of the tour, the group and Maria laugh, motivated, opens the doors of the store.

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Cooperativa La Voz

Cooperativa La Voz produces organic, shade and high altitude coffee. Since 1979, we have been working together to produce high-quality coffee and support our community

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Diego Chocolates

In Chocolates Diego you will know everything about Chocolate, through a small tour on the elaboration of Chocolate in an Artisanal way and the twenty varieties of Chocolate flavors they have. They also offer hot and cold drinks, desserts, tea and cocoa liquor.

Meet, enjoy and taste the Chocolates.

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Xe' Kaqasiiwaan Recreation Park

Welcome to the place for family recreation located at the entrance of San Juan La Laguna.

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Maximum or minimum do not exist for people like Benjamín Hernández, Juan Chocoy Hernández and other juaneros. The most experienced in Bird Tourism in San Juan La Laguna. When you want to do things with passion, there are no limits. When a person enters any science, profession or trade, passionately, they always demand more. There are no small things, all the details are paramount, all or nothing. Knowledge makes you see that there is endless to discover. Every movement, every noise, a blink of the eye, can be the end or the beginning of being the best, to discover new species, in the craft of Birdwatching.


As you walk through the streets of the town you will find its beautiful murals of images captured on the walls of houses or shops, made by local artists. Murals where you will be able to appreciate the great characters of the town, as well as its landscapes, culture and traditions, an unbeatable experience.

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When visiting the Women Weavers, they have their textile sales stores as well as offer a tour to show the process that is carried out before creating a typical fabric and all the work that goes into it.

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When visiting the different art galleries you will find a diversity of works of art, made by the different artists of the town where they have reflected their unique touch, their art, their technique and their passion.

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San Juan La Laguna, a place full of art, fabrics and culture.

San Juan La Laguna

View from a unique place of the viewpoint of the Mayan Face!

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Tradition in San Juan La Laguna

There are different traditions in the town, one of them is the dance of the Mexicans who perform it at the San Juan La Laguna fair . !!!

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Art Murals

Inside the town you can find an infinity of art, reproduced in large murals, works of art made with traditions and in homage to great people of the town . !! !

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Municipality Location
San Juan La Laguna, Sololá

Guatemala, Central America

Coordinates: 91°17'17.11"W - 14°41'42.74"N