San Juan La Laguna


Brief History

In November 1979, a group of men and women in the Maya Tzutujil town of San Juan la Laguna formed a cooperative called The Voice That Cries out in the Desert. Since its inception, the cooperative has supported small sustainable producers. It currently has 162 producer families that are dedicated to the technification and production of 100% organic coffee. With our growth, we have expanded our focus by using coffee as a means of connecting with our visitors.

Cafeteria Services

Our 100% organic coffee product.

  • Deliciously aromatic
  • Pronounced citric acidity
  • Much body

You can enjoy our product in our cafeteria at the La Cooperativa la Voz wet mill facilities. It is a comfortable and pleasant place, where visitors can rest and enjoy 100% organic coffee. We have the sale of ground coffee and beans available.

Coffee Tour

In 2006, we started offering the Coffee Tour service as a means of connecting with our visitors.
The Coffee Tour Includes:

  • A visit to the productive plots
  • Knowledge of the crop
  • See the processing area and toaster
  • Tasting in our cafeteria

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